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Answers to all your questions

What Happens After I Sign Up?
You get connected with an expert coach for an onboarding call, during your onboarding call you'll work with your coach to dail in your goals and get setup for success.

Then every week you'll automatically be paired up with 3 other members that we hand select based on your goals and background.

And you can keep track of your progress on your dashboard.

It's that simple....
Do You Allow Direct Competitors? I Don't Want Someone Stealing My Best Ideas...
Our proprietary process connecting members ensures you won't be connected with new members who might be considered a direct competitor.

But believe it or not, most members like the idea of having "competitors" as fellow members. It doesn't work in every market, but for most industries "cooperation" is preferred over competition, and when members in the same industry share ideas and help one another they can create a tide that rises all ships.

You can also always request a new group if you feel your current group isn't a good fit for you.
Do I Have To Be An Entrepreneur To Sign Up?
Not at all, Peerbase is currently focused on entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives, because we've seen them get the highest ROI, but if you feel you'll get a positive ROI from being a member we'd love to have you along!
Is My Information 100% Private, Confidential, And Secure?
Yes, all your interactions with your coach and group are considered 100% privileged and confidential. Your information is NEVER shared outside of Peerbase.

We have a lot of serious entrepreneurs doing important work on our platform, and protecting their trade secrets, intellectual property and personal information is one of our top priorities.

We share the standard marketing data and analytics that most smart companies do – you can read our privacy policy for more information on that.

The actual data you share with us related to your plans, tasks, and schedule are never ever shared.
My Company Is Very Successful But We Aren't Strong On The Digital Side.... Can I Still Apply?
ABSOLUTELY! we're all about growing BUSINESSES.

Online...offline...product-based...service-based...literally any business can benefit from being a part of an accountability group and our members benefit from having colleagues with a diverse set of skills.

So whether you're a hot-shot Internet wiz-kid with SEO secrets whispered to you from God himself, or whether you're a seasoned veteran with experience running "real" brick and mortar businesses (but who can barely spell FTP and doesn't have a clue what it stands for)... we'd love to have you.

Business is business...let's help one another grow and get better at ALL aspects of business.